SLOTDOG doesn't just make your SKINLESS Hot Dog look amazing, it also helps it cook quicker by heating right to the center of your Dog, and even taste better by creating crispy caramelized-edged squares which grab hold of your condiments so you can enjoy them...and not wear them! THE HOT DOG REVOLUTION awaits...Join NOW!

1.) Push SLOTDOG down on the SKINLESS Hot Dog until the blades pierce to your desired depth and catch hold of the Hot Dog.
2.) Pull the Hot Dog away from the blades.
3.) Repeat on opposite side to prevent curling.
4.) Cook/Grill and watch the slots expand to your desired level of crispyness.
5.) Enjoy your Delicious SLOTDOG Hot Dog!

Designed for Casing-Free/Skinless Hot Dogs
For an ideal SLOTDOG experience use casing-free/skinless hot dogs only. Natural or collagen casing hot dogs/sausages have a skin that is usually too thick and hard to slit leading to ruptured dogs, so go with a good old naked dog and slot to you heart's content!
Go Cold - Firm Hot dogs work best
Slightly firm "fridge thawed/temperature" hot dogs work best, as over-thawing can make the hot dogs too squishy to slot, and no one likes a smooshed dog! Steel Blades cut slots into a Hot Dog which expand as it cooks, smoke and grill flavor penetrate deep Juices Caramelize and edges crisp up perfectly, while the slots grab hold of toppings Intended for use with SKINLESS Fridge Temperature Hot Dogs. Perfect for kids as they love the alligator, dinosaur, dragon scale look Top Rack Dishwasher Safe


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